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Birthdate:Aug 22
Everybody seems to think I'm lazy.
I don't mind, I think they're crazy--
running everywhere at such a speed, until they find there's no need.

- I'm Only Sleeping
The Beatles
There are hours when there seems to be no past or future,
only a present moment
of pointed light, when you want to burn,
when you stretch out your hand
to the flames.
They only come once, thank God, that kind.

- The Family Reunion
T. S. Eliot
Hi! I am in love with Arashi and quite taken with their fabulous leader.

The Master of Hell and his devilish minions! XDD


thanks to [info]spazzcrack for the Truth and きっと大丈夫 gifs

thanks to [info]chibiichu for the Dno嵐 and AAA gifs

If I have anything else to say about myself, I'll let you know.
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